Everyday is Earth Day

Although the calendar reminds us April 22 is Earth Day, everyday is Earth Day for Colorado-based textile artist, Ayn Hanna.  Formally trained as a professional fine art printmaker, Ayn began exploring the textile medium in 2005.  We are delighted to be carrying Ayn’s Eco-dyed, silk charmeuse and crepe de chine scarves at Appalachian Spring.

Ayn Hanna Leave on Fabric

Ayn begins the eco-dyeing process by collecting local plant leaves, flowers and stems and bundling these within the silk fabric.  The bundles are then tightly wrapped around a stick, sometimes adding metal pieces to achieve even greater color variations.

The next step is to boil or steam the bundles in a pot of water with leaves of various color hues.  The bundles rest a while before Ayn unwraps them to reveal the unique colors and marks left upon the silk.  Ayn then works her magic to skillfully finish the eco-dyed silk into beautiful scarves.

Ayn Hanna Two photos

We encourage you to visit any of our four store locations to see for yourself the beauty of nature’s colors and marks that can be achieved when combining water, heat, plants and metal.  Although these scarves are not available on our website, you will find many other beautiful scarf selections in our fashion department.

Ayn Hanna

Ayn Hanna

I love to Make things!

I love to MAKE things.

Over the years I have identified myself as someone who enjoys the process of making things by hand. Years of working at Appalachian Spring have given me a true appreciation of the works created by our craftsmen and artists. In the interest of feeding my own desire to be creative, I joined a neighborhood “crafting” club, where in the company of friends, we tried our hands at various projects for home and garden. (These days, we are more of a Let’s Go Out to Dinner Club!)

I am a good student of any discipline.  I love the tools of the trade that support creative endeavors and I enjoy the process of making things by hand from scratch.  My latest projects have included a holiday cross stitch sampler, a crocheted throw for our guest bedroom, and a knitted scarf. I love what I make and enjoy the time that I spend making things.

FullSizeRenderxstitch        FullSizeRenderthrow         FullSizeRenderscarf


I was inspired when I met the delightful K. Gereau, one of the fiber artists whose work we carry at Appalachian Spring.  Kristin creates fabulous wool/silk knitted scarves that she then “felts” or “fulls” to the most spectacular creations that I have seen in a long time. She has an amazing eye for color and fiber choices and artistically blends them into a unique, easy-to-wear original designs.

Kristin Gereau is an artist! During our brief conversation, she casually mentioned that she would be “knitting all summer” in an effort to get our order ready for early September. I like to envision Kristin working on one scarf after another, with the latest season of Downton Abbey in the background, because that is exactly what I will be doing!


KGereau                         Scarves