Singing the Blues for Summer Dining

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Newest work of Mark Matsui, in stores now!

Blue is my favorite go-to color, it’s calm and soothing. Blue ranks number one around the world as a favorite color, slightly more popular with men than women but mostly equal regardless of age or nationality. In advertising green is associated with nature and environmentally friendly products. Red and yellow are often used to suggest speed, energy or urgency as in fast food logos. Blue is thoughtful, contemplative and peaceful.

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Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport ME

There are only a few naturally blue foods (blueberries, some cheeses and the errant ear of corn), fewer people have blue eyes,  blue seems to be a color that is just a little rare and special. It comes in bold cobalt, the softest of powder tones, or add a smidgen of green and it moves to aqua or turquoise.

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Kaser Shells

Blue Blog

When setting my table for a summer dinner party- I love to have a few blue pieces that catch the eye. Starting with my Fire & Light condiment dishes in cobalt and aqua, I might add a platter from Silver Ridge Studio with the fish imprint.


Silver Ridge platter, Greenheck bowl, Byers serving dish, Schultz vase, and #Goodthingsnyc container

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Aronin platter and bowl, Cohen trivet, Massarella mug and Jeselskis plate (and more!)

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Matsui bowl, Fabrico long dish, Hillborn aqua tray, Massarella chip & dip and mugs, Meuller pitcher and plate

When I serve red potato salad gremolata*, I use a Winthrop Byers deep oval serving casserole. Crisp white linens and blue accent pieces can make my table feel cool and breezy for summer. Add some turquoise or aqua and my table suddenly feels at home at the beach or lake house. Visiting friends on the Cape-perhaps I will bring a hostess gift in blue: a bowl, a mug or two, or a vase. So many choices and each one appealing to the eye and satisfying to use.


Byers serving dish makes a great container for a big batch of Red Potatoes Gremolata

*Red Potato Salad Gremolata

1# of “new” or red skinned potatoes, boiled in salt water (cook through but not too soft)

6 hard cooked eggs, peeled and cut in to 6 wedges each

3-4 cloves of finley chopped garlic

1 Bunch of parsley, finely chopped

3 ripe red tomatoes, chopped in chunks

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Toss potatoes with olive oil, tomatoes, parsley and garlic. Fold in the chopped eggs. Season with Salt and Pepper.  Garnish with additional Parsley. Serve in a blue bowl!