Fire & Light makes brownies better

Hello, my name is Barbara* and I am a baker.  Not a professional one, I bake for fun and to have tasty treats to feast upon.  This weekend I wanted to bake some brownies for the birthday of a dear friend.  I have not made brownies in a while and was in search of the perfect recipe.  I surfed, Googled and pulled out actual cookbooks until I found a recipe that made my mouth water as I read through the list of decadent ingredients.  Brownies all look pretty much the same, so I needed something really special to showcase them.  I found this beautiful recycled glass pedestal cake plate from Fire & Light that just called out to me.  After all, why shouldn’t a brownie have a delightful presentation to add to the anticipation of that first bite…



*For many years Barbara was a member of the buying team at Appalachian Spring. The office misses her and the goodies that she often baked and brought to us on Monday morning!

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  • I really like and appreciate your post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.


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