Celebrate Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts

By Naira Ruiz

Stumped on what wedding gift you should choose? We’ve got you covered.

We all know that weddings are a big deal. A lot of effort goes into making the event a day a couple will  cherish for the rest of their lives. Since we’re currently in the thick of wedding season, there’s a good chance you need to buy a gift for an upcoming wedding or two.

But what should you consider?

If you know the couple has a wedding registry, it makes choosing a gift somewhat easier. But if they don’t, or if you’re anxious to purchase them something that’s a surprise, it can  be a challenge.

Don’t let the wedding gift conundrum stress you out. Here are some gift ideas that will definitely be a hit!

If you don’t know their style… go with wood

Do they like bright colors, or are they more into subdued hues? You have no idea, so buying that stunning red vase is too much of a gamble. Since you’re not sure about their taste in décor, getting them something in natural wood is perfect because it goes with almost everything.

This hand-turned wooden bowl by Andrew Pearce would look gorgeous in any setting.

You can find a selection of his work here.

Another option is this puzzle board by Hardwood Creations. The leaf-shaped boards are designed to fit together in a multitude of arrangements.


If they’re an eco-conscious couple… go with Fire & Light handmade glassware

Fire & Light dinnerware has been described as “a perfect blend between art and the environment” since it’s made from recycled glass. In fact, this studio has an interesting history. It was formed as a partnership between a recycling center in Humboldt County, California and a group of locals looking for an innovative way to use crushed, recycled glass.

As you can see here, there are an assortment of colors and sizes to choose among!

If their taste is minimalist and modern… try Studio Paran

Streamlined and elegant are just a few words that come to mind to describe these glass pieces.

You can check out a selection of their styles here.


If their taste is bold and dramatic… consider Mark Rosenbaum’s wavy bowl

With its curvy silhouette and swirls of vivid warm colors, this wavy bowl by Mark Rosenbaum adds just the right touch of drama and movement to any interior space.


If you want to get them something romantic… go with a gift that pays tribute to their love

This double lily candleholder by Jack Brubaker is both subtle and sweet. It’s hand forged and made of steel and brass.


For a more personalized touch, you could give a framed picture of the couple.

Most likely you can find a great shot of them on their Facebook page or Instagram account. Just print out one of the cutest and most flattering pictures and display it in a classic frame, like this one by Danforth Pewter.


If they’re wine lovers… get a gift that’s both wine themed and chic

This wine set by Wood U Like comes with a bottle opener and two bottle stoppers, one in cocobolo for red wine and one in oak for white wine.


If you were to choose a set of these gold accented wine goblets by Tom Stoenner, your card might mention a toast on their golden wedding anniversary.


If they’re music lovers… try a Corinthian Bells wind chime

The heavy-walled aluminum tubes along with the high-density striker gives this wind chime, by QMT, its exceptional tones and resonance.


If you’re purchasing a wedding gift with friends… consider a set of these Jeselskis bud vases

These hand carved porcelain vases work well together in a group and enable you to give a more elaborate gift. They are a charming and lively addition to anyone’s décor.

If you still need a bit more wedding gift inspiration, there’s a whole wedding gift section on our website.

And if you’re the one getting married, you can find information for creating an Appalachian Spring wedding gift registry here.

Here’s to a long and happy marriage!

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