Going green…or blue or yellow!



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July 1- July 31

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My favorite “green” artist today is Fire & Light. This studio is at home in the first community in America that took serious action on recycling. After hauling their recyclables miles and miles away to the nearest big city to re-purpose, the town met and decided they needed a better solution. Breaking up into groups for glass, paper and plastic, each team brainstormed. And the glass group came up with the Fire & Light studio concept. Collect the glass, sort the glass, teach young people how to melt it and cast it into brand new pieces to delight the eye and dazzle the table. 363 group 2106 group


And there we have it. Eight colors, eleven forms and enumerable ways to mix and match to set your table for summer. Dishwasher safe, table ready and the perfect accent to your everyday china, Fire & Light offers years of pleasure and service. My personal favorite is the “pasta” bowl, which I use as a dinner plate over and over. Grilled salmon in a nest of polenta with a tangy sweet pepper sauce and a side of shaved brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans makes a beautiful presentation in my citrus colored bowls.

Breakfast is always brighter with juice in my Fire & Light tumbler. Weighted on the bottom, I never fear that I will tip it over before I am awake enough to meet the day!

Fire and light

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Featuring Ping Wu from Project Runway!


The scarf is the thing and Ping Wu has a fresh new take on what scarves can be. Ping Wu is recognizable from her Project Runway appearance, and is known for her easy transformable multi-functional designs, and 3D sculptural creative thinking.

shrug wrap no txt

What we love most are the fun ways of wearing these visually appealing creations. Is it a scarf or a shrug, will I tie it or drape it, around my neck or as a head wrap?  Scrunch it, wrap it, stuff it, tie it!


So many ways to wear each of her designs. The cashmere feel comes with the ease of viscose, polyester and angora blended to make a silky smooth yarn. We are so excited to be featuring these brand new winter fashion scarves in our stores now!

blk feathery wrap no txt

Perfect for stylish co-eds and chic urban working women.

Little Minnow

little minnow

Fall Fashion is happening. I don’t know about you but I am completely a scarf devotee! I wear scarves of all sorts, year around. I confess that I frequently treat scarves like jewelry–earrings and a scarf and you are good to go to the office, the ballet, or the next fundraiser luncheon!


The “It” scarf this year is the infinity. Added to our infinity scarf collection this year are the hand screened cotton scarves from Little Minnow.


Color plus cotton and you have a great casual addition to jeans and more. This versatile scarf can be worn as a neck wrap, a head wrap, a skirt over leggings or just draped down as a long cowl.


    So many colors and so little time!


We pride ourselves in finding artists who blend together the best quality of materials with eye catching designs and flawless techniques. Little Minnow is the perfect new addition to your fall wardrobe and mine!

The Fringe Benefits

2015-04-30 14.45.03

I confess that I am a fiber person. I have a small table loom and have been known to weave in earlier days. The first time I stumbled on the collection of throws in our store, it was love at first touch. The feel of the fibers, the quality of the weaving, the lovely fringe finished edges made me very happy.


We were living in a cold house at the time and had recently moved our TV to the basement so that we could have “reading” chairs in the living room. I envisioned curling up with a good book and reading aloud to my husband. So I gave a throw to my husband for the holidays, thinking I would use it. Alas, HE fell in love!

throws v. 1

When we moved, recently, I planned the entire living room around the colors in that first throw. The brick walls, the leather sofa and a new reading chair all came together, just as I hoped. Now we need another throw. Every time the girls come home from college, they wrap up in the one we have. Just one more will solve it, right?



Throws can be draped over the edge of a sofa, chair, or bed. Throws are one more element, like a pillow or a picture, to use in creating an environment. The color range makes it possible to add a dramatic splash of either coordinating or contrasting color. These throws are an ample 52” x 72”. Who could resist curling up with these beautiful luxurious throws? Not I!

throws blog

It’s Ornament Time at Appalachian Spring!

20150921_095038a#itsthatimeofyear at Appalachian Spring!  We love hanging the ornaments  in all of the stores.  For many of us this signals the end of summer with vacations being but a fond memory and the beginning of fall when our thoughts turn to the changing seasons and the upcoming holidays.


The hanging of the ornaments is the culmination of many months of preparation. Discussions begin in January and February with the ornament artists regarding design plans.  In the spring and early summer, orders are placed with close to 40 artists for delivery in early Fall. We order several thousand ornaments in glass, ceramic, and pewter, giving our customers a broad selection.


Once the ornaments start arriving, it takes a team effort to process the deliveries.  Each order has to be unpacked, sorted by style, tagged and sorted again for distribution. The ornament hanging grids are restrung with care “in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there!”


Fire & Light makes brownies better

Hello, my name is Barbara* and I am a baker.  Not a professional one, I bake for fun and to have tasty treats to feast upon.  This weekend I wanted to bake some brownies for the birthday of a dear friend.  I have not made brownies in a while and was in search of the perfect recipe.  I surfed, Googled and pulled out actual cookbooks until I found a recipe that made my mouth water as I read through the list of decadent ingredients.  Brownies all look pretty much the same, so I needed something really special to showcase them.  I found this beautiful recycled glass pedestal cake plate from Fire & Light that just called out to me.  After all, why shouldn’t a brownie have a delightful presentation to add to the anticipation of that first bite…



*For many years Barbara was a member of the buying team at Appalachian Spring. The office misses her and the goodies that she often baked and brought to us on Monday morning!