Holiday Bling

Even jewelry buyers have their favorite jewelers!

Infinite Universe Booth at NY NOW!

Infinite Universe Booth at NY NOW!

Infinite Universe is an elegant, eco-friendly accessories and lifestyle brand inspired by nature. The pieces are simply like nothing else I’ve ever seen in the jewelry world – gorgeous mother-of-pearl combined with 14K gold leaf and set in vermeil. Many are accented with white sapphires.  Absolutely mouth-watering!

Model Shot Kauri Wood

Meeting the jewelers behind all of this creativity is a highlight of my job. The world of handmade is truly a special place to be!

My Little Black Dress

Fall is the time of year when we receive all the fantastic new jewelry we’ve bought at NY NOW!  It arrives daily and we ooh and ahh over it before sending it to our stores.  It’s a feast for the eyes!

One of my favorite new jewelry studios is Original Hardware.  I’m particularly drawn to these dramatic mixed metal earrings.


This Original Hardware piece is perfect for my little black dress…
Original Hardware Lifestyle Shot

NYC, I hardly knew you and look forward to our next rendezvous!

NYC skyline

Eye Candy

My world revolves around what I call “eye candy.” It might be a photo, a piece of art or a landscape – I’m surrounded by beautiful things every day.

A beautiful small town scene with colorful buildings…

Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale, Ireland

A gorgeous piece of wall art by my calligrapher friend Denis

Art by Denis Brown

Art by Denis Brown

And last but never least, new jewelry designs arriving every day! New designs came today from one of my favorite jewelers, Alicia Van Fleteren.  Alicia’s metals and gemstones are colorful and striking. I couldn’t resist and already bought a piece! What fun!

Alicia Van Fleteren Garnet

Alicia Van Fleteren Garnet

Pull Up A Chair

Artisan Chairs as Personal Adornment

One of my friends Joel D’Orazio recently had a show at the Katzen Center in Washington, DC.  Joel has a brilliant sense of design and I love sharing ideas about art and architecture with him – it helps me be a better jewelry buyer.  These are some of Joel’s many chairs and paintings, and this black & white chair is my favorite – Joel calls it the “Formal Attire Chair.”  Joel’s website is a feast for the eyes:

dawn marimekko

Washington DC is a cornucopia of good design.  We have world-class museums featuring well-known artists as well as lesser known exhibits, all at our fingertips and mostly for free.   My latest favorite exhibit was the Marimekko exhibit at the Finnish Embassy:  Marimekko’s Unikko: 50 years of flower power.  Unikko’s red-and-white poppy pattern’s continued popularity has proven that well-designed products are timeless, just like Appalachian Spring’s jewelry.  The Finnish Embassy has an awesome website with impeccable design:

dawn marimekko2

Jewelry Inspired by Textile Techniques

Jewelry Inspired by Textile Techniques

I find jewelers at various points in their lives. Each one is on a personal journey, as we all are, and their jewelry designs oftentimes reflect this.

Meghan Patrice Riley’s star is rising. Her latest jewelry collection was created with the runway in mind, as she was racing off to Paris just after I saw her to participate in the fashion shows. She was excited, and both her facial expression and her jewelry were full of inspiration at having been invited to this major fashion event. Being able to share in these pivotal moments is one of the best parts of my job.

Shimmering Freeform Necklace


This kinetic necklace is my favorite new Meghan Riley piece of jewelry. I love the asymmetry and the way the small sterling beads and uncut stones shimmer against the black nylon-coated stainless steel. I have to buy this – it will go with everything I own and I can wear it with t-shirts or a dress. The jewelers are the best – they really have their eyes on the fashion pulse!

Floating Pearl Earrings

Riley Kylie

Playing a game in the sun with friends and my Meghan Riley earrings…
I love the contrast of the cascading pearls with the gold filled metal.