Hayley Hoffman


Job: Director of Stores

Spends her work days: visiting our stores, creating visual displays in our stores and windows, connecting our stores to our buyers, making the customer experience engaging and memorable

Favorite meal: warm shrimp salad at Le Diplomat

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate every day!

Takes her coffee: Doesn’t!

The book she rereads periodically: Possession by A.S. Byatt

Favorite place to be: Swan’s Island

Gets inspiration from: people in the moment, I love to roll with what’s happening and build from that energy.

Favorite quote: Everything will be all right in the end and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!

Little known fact: I designed costumes for a show Off Broadway in ‘86

One of my favorite Appalachian Spring items: Davin and Kessler earring and necklace stand!

Posts by Hayley:

Going green…or blue or yellow!



06302014 US (1)

July 1- July 31

Buy 3 and get the 4th piece for FREE! *

My favorite “green” artist today is Fire & Light. This studio is at home in the first community in America that took serious action on recycling. After hauling their recyclables miles and miles away to the nearest big city to re-purpose, the town met and decided they needed a better solution. Breaking up into groups for glass, paper and plastic, each team brainstormed. And the glass group came up with the Fire & Light studio concept. Collect the glass, sort the glass, teach young people how to melt it and cast it into brand new pieces to delight the eye and dazzle the table. 363 group 2106 group


And there we have it. Eight colors, eleven forms and enumerable ways to mix and match to set your table for summer. Dishwasher safe, table ready and the perfect accent to your everyday china, Fire & Light offers years of pleasure and service. My personal favorite is the “pasta” bowl, which I use as a dinner plate over and over. Grilled salmon in a nest of polenta with a tangy sweet pepper sauce and a side of shaved brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans makes a beautiful presentation in my citrus colored bowls.

Breakfast is always brighter with juice in my Fire & Light tumbler. Weighted on the bottom, I never fear that I will tip it over before I am awake enough to meet the day!

Fire and light

* Lowest priced item will be credited as free.
Can not be combined with other offers or promotions/discounts. 




Gardening in DC in April!

It’s springtime in DC and we are enjoying the bounty of the Cherry Blossom bloom!


Photo credit Copyright: David M. Dworkin 2016.


Now all things turn to gardening and spending time outdoors.


So we set out our birdhouses

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including our latest acquisitions from Five Ply


5 ply bird houses

and plant Carruth critters in the moist mud.

324a aged  310s

And we wander back down to the tidal basin for inspiration.


Photo credit Copyright: David M. Dworkin 2016




Terrafirma has arrived!


Ellen Evans, owner and artistic director of the Terrafirma studio, produces exquisite place settings made from a base of warm, natural stoneware juxtaposed with vibrantly colored and patterned porcelain surfaces. Her creative focus is to design and produce high quality, functional works of art for the table and home using a unique, original process.


Patterns are created by painting through textiles and lace using liquid porcelain to produce a distinctive casual yet sophisticated look that has become her signature in both dinnerware and accessories.


Terrafirma products are made entirely by hand and kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures, giving each piece its own personality and great durability.  Slight variations in color, texture and surface blushing are the natural and desired result of the hand building and high-firing process, and assure each piece of its individuality.


Each collectible, copyrighted design is signed and dated.  All Terrafirma pieces are food and dishwasher safe. Place settings can be ordered in our stores where you can mix and match 3 glaze colors with 11 fabric patterns across plates and bowls for your own personal set of dishes.


The Key to my Heart

David Klenk has been a woodworker in New England for the last 20 years. He designs and makes a diverse range of work including large projects such as home libraries, custom office furnishings, tables, chairs and jewelry boxes.

2014 09 01_1022

Appalachian Spring is pleased present David Klenk’s handsome jewelry boxes in our collection.

Most of David’s boxes are made of North American hardwoods including maple, cherry and oak.  However, he occasionally uses mahogany and other handsome hardwoods.

2014 09 01_1217

The work includes fine joinery, custom hardware and a hand rubbed varnish finish which is rubbed to a silky smooth polish.

Each box is fitted with a custom key and lock. The beauty of the wood, the workmanship and the attention to detail completely stole my heart!



Featuring Ping Wu from Project Runway!


The scarf is the thing and Ping Wu has a fresh new take on what scarves can be. Ping Wu is recognizable from her Project Runway appearance, and is known for her easy transformable multi-functional designs, and 3D sculptural creative thinking.

shrug wrap no txt

What we love most are the fun ways of wearing these visually appealing creations. Is it a scarf or a shrug, will I tie it or drape it, around my neck or as a head wrap?  Scrunch it, wrap it, stuff it, tie it!


So many ways to wear each of her designs. The cashmere feel comes with the ease of viscose, polyester and angora blended to make a silky smooth yarn. We are so excited to be featuring these brand new winter fashion scarves in our stores now!

blk feathery wrap no txt

Perfect for stylish co-eds and chic urban working women.

Little Minnow

little minnow

Fall Fashion is happening. I don’t know about you but I am completely a scarf devotee! I wear scarves of all sorts, year around. I confess that I frequently treat scarves like jewelry–earrings and a scarf and you are good to go to the office, the ballet, or the next fundraiser luncheon!


The “It” scarf this year is the infinity. Added to our infinity scarf collection this year are the hand screened cotton scarves from Little Minnow.


Color plus cotton and you have a great casual addition to jeans and more. This versatile scarf can be worn as a neck wrap, a head wrap, a skirt over leggings or just draped down as a long cowl.


    So many colors and so little time!


We pride ourselves in finding artists who blend together the best quality of materials with eye catching designs and flawless techniques. Little Minnow is the perfect new addition to your fall wardrobe and mine!

The Fringe Benefits

2015-04-30 14.45.03

I confess that I am a fiber person. I have a small table loom and have been known to weave in earlier days. The first time I stumbled on the collection of throws in our store, it was love at first touch. The feel of the fibers, the quality of the weaving, the lovely fringe finished edges made me very happy.


We were living in a cold house at the time and had recently moved our TV to the basement so that we could have “reading” chairs in the living room. I envisioned curling up with a good book and reading aloud to my husband. So I gave a throw to my husband for the holidays, thinking I would use it. Alas, HE fell in love!

throws v. 1

When we moved, recently, I planned the entire living room around the colors in that first throw. The brick walls, the leather sofa and a new reading chair all came together, just as I hoped. Now we need another throw. Every time the girls come home from college, they wrap up in the one we have. Just one more will solve it, right?



Throws can be draped over the edge of a sofa, chair, or bed. Throws are one more element, like a pillow or a picture, to use in creating an environment. The color range makes it possible to add a dramatic splash of either coordinating or contrasting color. These throws are an ample 52” x 72”. Who could resist curling up with these beautiful luxurious throws? Not I!

throws blog

We love Joanna Alot!













Joanna studied silk painting and art in a traditional artisan school in Milanowek, Poland where more than a hundred years ago, mulberry trees were cultivated for the specific purpose of growing silkworms to supply the fiber for the renowned silk for which the region was rapidly becoming famous. She draws inspiration from nature using leaves, trees and the hues of changing seasons to spill out onto her silk paintings in vibrant colors and patterns.

IMG_9431 (Medium) IMG_6685

After composing and designing, Joanna transfers each pattern to the fabric by hand. Painting on silk achieves effects that go beyond the constraints of paper; colors blend and hues saturate. Starting with lighter colors, followed by darker colors, it is much like working with watercolor paint.

production_lowres006 production_lowres1201

Each swath of silk is steamed to set the colors, hand washed to to elicit the silk’s soft, smooth “hand” and then stretched on frames and sun-dried in the Midwestern air outside of Joanna’s studio.


The fabric is then cut to order for the scarves, shawls and other fashion garments and finished with meticulous attention to detail. At this point Joanna adds embellishments, stamping with gold or silver leaf to highlight the natural elements found in her designs. Today, Joanna’s work can be found in galleries across the country and we are proud to be one of those galleries!

IMG_9427 (Medium)


Socks for Shelters

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Appalachian Spring is partnering with Solmate Socks to provide warm, knit socks to local shelters.  In recognition of the annual national celebration of American Craft Week in October, Solmate Socks will donate a pair of their socks for every pair purchased at Appalachian Spring stores in October to one of four local shelters in the metro DC area.

horizontalsky (1)

Solmate Socks has been producing their colorful handmade socks in their family owned Vermont studios since 2000 and have been a part of Appalachian Spring’s merchandise collection for many of those years.  Known for their unique idea of creating pairs of unmatched socks, Solmate knits all their products from recycled yarns. The designs come from the sock lady herself, Marianne.

Marianne-Wakerlin-2014    IMG_20151002_132128

American Craft Week began as a small, grassroots effort to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of handmade craft.  Now celebrating its sixth anniversary, American Craft Week is a well-established, national event celebrating the tradition of American craft in galleries, artists’ studios, museums, schools and festivals.  This year’s official celebration will be held Oct 3 – 12, and for the first time all 50 states are participating, including the District of Columbia, and US Army bases in Germany, Japan and South Korea.

fence 1

This effort will benefit clients at Georgetown Ministry Center, The Community for Creative Non-ViolenceClean and Sober Streets, The Embry Rucker Community Shelter and Stepping Stones Shelter. Please join Appalachian Spring and Solmate Socks in our Socks for Shelters Campaign.

Buy one, donate one!


Peggy Karr


Peggy Karr has been making things for as long as she can remember. As a kid she laid out the plans to make a “flying suit.” And she was convinced that she could make one! In College she majored in art with a focus on ceramics. Her knowledge and experience with clay, firing and throwing have been a useful foundation for her foray in to fused glass.

16b aut grd aut grd

After her first introduction to kiln fired glass, Peggy researched the art form at Corning and through other sources. She made mold out of clay and then fired them in her clay kiln at 1600 degrees. The first effort included a square plate with a cow.

Peggy Karr Styles 1

We love how delightfully easy it is to mix and match and use in any dining/serving situation.  Peggy has created custom colors to her specifications, making each plate uniquely her own. The colors are laid on to the glass blank using as many as 10 different stencils with sifted powdered glass colors filling in the blanks. Designs generally start as a hand drawing and then gets converted to the computer so that the stencils can be laser cut.


Each piece can be presented decoratively or is “art you can use!” Peggy Karr’s Fall designs are currently featured in our store windows. Stop by and take a peek at these gorgeous Shades of Autumn.