Emma Baum


Job: Assistant Jewelry Buyer

Spends her work days: receiving new jewelry, answering customer questions, social media posting, support and following, supporting store teams

Favorite meal: Breafast or maybe dinner, actually

Guilty pleasure: reading by the fire.

The book she rereads periodically: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite place to be: Ashgrove Adventure!

Little known fact: I was a Math major.

Best surprise: My dad took me to the last All-Star game at Yankee Stadium.

I never leave home without: my chapstick, it’s small and I hate to carry things!

One of my favorite Appalachian Spring items: DeMeules Boxes

Posts by Emma:

Color Your World


Ann Carol Bracelets

Janet Schroeder has been fascinated by Classical and Modern art from an early age.  When she was a teenager she discovered that she loved to create jewelry, and she began honing her skills to become proficient in silversmithing.  In 1999, Janet began working with Carol Baretz of Ann Carol Designs and was then able to combine her two passions.  Carol introduced Janet to resin enamel colors, and the two began to fabricate unique pieces of jewelry.

Using sterling silver as a canvas, the resins are hand painted and then allowed to air dry. Meticulous care is taken to ensure that every detail of Ann Carol Designs jewelry is special and something to be treasured. Some pieces may take many cycles to fuse the colors into an intricately beautiful piece of wearable art.  The result is a beautiful treasure meant to last a lifetime.

Janet Schroeder

Janet Schroeder