Dawn Hill


Job: Jewelry Buyer

Spends her work days: looking at beautiful things and interacting with creative people.

Favorite meal: Risotto

The book she rereads periodically: The Island at the Center of the World

Perfect Vacation: walking a new city and discovering its treasures.

Best surprise: a weekend birthday trip to France.

Favorite quote: "We have art in order not to die of the truth." (Nietzsche)

One of my favorite Appalachian Spring items: My Gabriel Ofiesh diamond ring. Sometimes I just stare at it in the sunlight....

Posts by Dawn:

Meet Julie Powell: Jeweler Extraordinaire

Year after year I am struck by the creativity of our jewelers.  Oftentimes I will discover that in addition to making jewelry, they also design textiles or sculpture or wall art.  Enter Julie Powell, one of the newest additions to our jewelry department!

When I found Julie at a recent show, I was completely charmed not only by her beaded jewelry designs but also by the sketches she was working on in her booth while not engaged in conversation with buyers.  It reminded me that creative people use every spare moment to do what they most love.

Watercolor by Julie Powell

I love learning about these amazing designers after their jewelry has arrived in our office.  I research and read all the many pieces of information I can find in order to help our salespeople and customers know that behind every craftsperson there is an individual who has spent a lifetime learning his or her trade.

Julie’s story is a fascinating one.  She has a background in weaving, knitting, quilting, embroidering and dyeing fabrics, and has used this experience to design her beaded earrings, bracelets, pins and necklaces.  I was particularly delighted to discover that Julie is featured in the latest issue of Ornament Magazine.  I invite you to read her unique story and be dazzled by Julie’s immense gifts!

Inside the Ed Levin Studio


Visiting the Ed Levin Studio was one of the highlights of my jewelry career.
I’ve long loved this studio for its fine quality and attention to detail, but
the thing I love most about Ed Levin Studio is its personal touch.

shaping jewelry toolroom

making kinetic
Appalachian Spring has featured Ed Levin Jewelry for 48 years. Ed spent his
early years learning the trade in Argentina and continued to create art his
entire life. One of the highlights in visiting the Studio was seeing his early
sketches and designs. Ed combined classic and ethnic in an innovative way,
always keeping fashion and taste at the forefront of his creations.


A Colorful Valentine’s Day

Even in the stark landscape of winter, we are surrounded by color in all its glory!  Living in Washington DC enables us to take advantage of a plethora of colorful cultural offerings, all at the end of our fingertips.

The reopening of the National Gallery of Art East Building in September 2016 showcases brand new spaces, including this stunning Calder room.  Stepping into this room with its bright pops of color makes my heart sing!

valentines 1

Alexander Calder


Take a quick walk to the West Gallery and catch the current Stuart Davis exhibit and witness a virtual explosion of color.  Davis was an early American modernist artist whose bold and brash paintings celebrated jazz and the proto pop art movement of the 1940s and 1950s.

valentines 2

Stuart Davis


As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we often turn to color.  Red comes to mind, with hearts and flowers, and most importantly, jewelry!  Appalachian Spring is ready with a collection of varied and diverse offerings, including these Valentine’s Day favorites.

fizz earringsPixelLGSQredPT2 3340

Help celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends and loved ones and choose glorious color to brighten the day!



Holiday Bling


Nothing says holiday like that sparkling piece of jewelry!  Pave pieces, with their dazzling diamonds, make their grand entrance during this festive time of year.


We are delighted to showcase the gorgeous pave diamond pieces created by Alicia Van Fleteren.  Alicia’s pave pieces will spark up your wardrobe and help you feel ready for those holiday parties that await your arrival!

Inspired By Nature

Recently I had the good fortune to travel to the beautiful city of Barcelona.  There are many things to love about the city, but the most impressive of all was the proliferation of buildings designed by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudi.


Sagrada Familia Cathedral Interior

Gaudi was highly skilled and used nature as one of his primary inspirations.  The magnificent Sagrada Familia Cathedral is one of the finest examples of this fact.


Appalachian Spring features jewelry that is also inspired by nature.  Michael Michaud is the designer of Silver Seasons Jewelry.  This unique jewelry is made by creating molds that are taken from an actual leaf, branch or flower.  A mold is created around the botanical element and as it is heated the plant matter burns away and leaves behind a beautifully detailed mold of itself.  The result is a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the exquisite detail of nature.


Shout Out to Spring!

Awww…  gorgeous Springtime!

Who doesn’t love this time of year, with all of its glorious colors!

Tulip Fields, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Tulip Fields, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Springtime is also a time of year when many floral designs make an appearance in Appalachian Spring’s jewelry. 

One of our latest offerings can be seen in the new Terry Pool collection.

Each of Terry’s creations begins with a handmade sketch, where Terry works out the details of each piece.

Tool Drawing

Tool Drawing

Terry also has a sense of humor, as evidenced in this photo we took when we perused Terry’s newest collection, premiered at the American Made Show in DC.  We laughed and enjoyed, as we know you will!


A State of Wonder

Those of us lucky enough to live in Washington DC were treated this past season to a ground-breaking exhibit at the Renwick Gallery entitled “Wonder.”  Much has been written about this well-attended installation and I for one think it speaks for itself.

Jennifer Angus, In the Midnight Garden detail, 2015, Photo by Ron Blunt

Jennifer Angus, In the Midnight Garden detail, 2015, Photo by Ron Blunt

My favorite room in the exhibit was Jennifer Angus’s “insect room.”  It was simply mind-boggling!

Photo by Ron Blunt

Photo by Ron Blunt


Ms. Angus’s insects reminded me of a jeweler whose work we’ve carried for years, Laurie Flannery.  Laurie’s charming bees, dragonflies and birds are the perfect reminder for us to rejoice in the fact that springtime is a glorious time to live in this vibrant city!

I3-M dragonflymed pin

Dragonfly Pin by Laurie Flannery

Picasso and NY NOW

This year the NY NOW trade show coincided with MoMA’s unprecedented Picasso sculpture exhibit. Being able to take time to attend this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit helps me appreciate all the great design I see when buying jewelry at the show.

Woman in the Garden, 1929-30, Paris

Woman in the Garden, 1929-30, Paris

It’s always exciting to see new work from our jewelers.  One of my favorites is Stacy King, who started Lulu Designs in 1997.  Working as a production potter for 10 years gave Stacy insight into the art of balancing form with color. As Stacy became interested in jewelry, her mastery of ceramics gave her unique tools for becoming a self-taught jeweler.

lulu tryptich

Lulu Designs began as an idea, a desire to create beauty in the world.  Clearly, Stacy’s vision is being realized in every one of her designs – jewelry that is simple yet elegant, handcrafted to let the life and power of each stone and metal shine through.

Stacy King

Stacy King

ny now logo

Dance Me to the End of Love

One of my favorite composers is Leonard Cohen, who wrote the well-known song “Hallelujah.” His songs convey his genius but also suggest a personal struggle, and his lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. My personal favorite is “Dance Me to the End of Love.” This YouTube video features Madeleine Peyroux singing a stunning version of Leonard  Cohen’s composition. The sound pierces me straight to my soul.

Being surrounded by art and music is a luxury in this world. My job as a jewelry buyer enables me to breath in the artistic gifts of others, and I never fail to be awed by the creativity of our craftspeople. The design team of  the Patricia Locke Studio is one shining example of such creativity.

Celebration in True Blue

Patricia Locke collections always blend the depth of fine art with a modern sense of fashion. Her work is immediately recognizable for its distinctive asymmetry, tantalizing multi-metal combinations and elegant use of positive-negative space. Each piece presents an exquisite paradox, at once handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, and contemporary with heirloom overtones.


Winter White

I am particularly drawn to white at this time of year.  In a season that can be dark and colorless, white provides a spark of light that is both bright and uplifting.

Art by Nel Jansen

Art by Nel Jansen

My cousin Nel is an accomplished artist, and I love seeing her blog posts every day in my inbox.  Last week she posted this stunning painting of white tulips.  Before I had time to begin to consider buying this piece, it had sold.  Lucky buyer!

Necklace by Meghan Riley

Necklace by Meghan Riley

The onset on winter also brings with it a different fashion dynamic.  High collars, scarves and the like call for an alternative in our choices of jewelry.  We might choose a long necklace to wear with a sweater rather than a short one, or a post earring instead of a long French earwire to avoid having it catch on our clothing.

Earrings by Silver Seasons

Earrings by Silver Seasons

Invariably our minds turn to the beauty of white when we have our first snowfall.  Who ever thought of carving letterforms out of freshly fallen snow?  Celebrate the creativity all around us, no matter the season!

Denis winter snow

Calligraphy by Denis Brown